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Car museums in Sweden

As we drive every day, we probably don’t even think about the history of the various automotive industries and models. What could be cooler than travelling in your vehicle to discover the history of the automotive world? You won't have to drive far for this purpose - you'll find interesting car museums just one ferry away in Sweden.

Volvo Museum

The Volvo Museum

The Volvo Museum is not only for car enthusiasts, but also for anyone interested in technical development in general. The museum in Gothenburg, which houses around 100 exhibits, reviews the history of Volvo since 1927. Here you can find a collection of Volvo models that includes cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine engines and flying machines. After visiting the museum, it is a pleasure to share fresh impressions in the museum café. It is definitely worth visiting the museum's souvenir shop, where you will find many interesting things - from clothes to posters.

Motala Motor Museum

Motala Motor Museum

What could be interesting about a 70-year-old grain warehouse? Here you will find one of Sweden’s most visited car museums, open all year round. Opened in 1995 in the port of Mutala, on the shores of Lake Vättern, you will find more than 200 exhibits of vehicles of various shapes and eras: cars, mopeds, bicycles. In addition to vehicles, it is also worth visiting the Museum of Photography, where you can learn about the history of camera development. The exhibition also includes radios, tape recorders and turntables.

Saab museum

Saab museum

Housed in one of the former industrial park’s factory buildings, the museum combines the history of design, racing and manufacturing. The museum in Trollhättan opened its doors in 1975. The Saab car collection includes a total of more than 120 cars, 70 of which are on display in the museum’s exhibit. The museum has the opportunity to admire the first exhibit - the aerodynamic Saab 92001, better known as the Ursaab, which was introduced in 1947. A variety of souvenirs can be purchased at the museum shop, and after an interesting tour, relax and have a coffee at the restaurant next to the museum. The Saab Car Museum Festival will take place in early summer.

Härnösand car museum

Härnösand museum

It is recommended to spend at least 3 hours visiting Sweden’s largest car museum. The museum was founded by businessman Calle Lundkvist, whose interest in cars and motorcycles began in early childhood. The Carniola Car Museum is like a time travel from the 19th century. A total of 220 cars are on display in 7 different halls. Every automotive and technical enthusiast will surely experience the great joy of cognition here, discovering the exceptional car or ordinary commercial vehicle they have dreamed of.

The museum will reopen at the beginning of the summer season in June.

Autoseum Museum

Autoseum Museum / Nisse Nilsson Collection

Cars, speed skis, regular motorcycles - The history of Swedish car and motorcycle sports from 1900 is reviewed at the Simrishamn Town Museum in southern Sweden. until these days.

The Las Vegas-style showroom features unique vehicles, slot machines and roulette tables. Since 2016, the Autoseum Museum has also housed a children’s museum, which children under 12 can enter free of charge with their parents. After a tour of the museum, it’s fun to share your impressions and enjoy yourself in the ’70s-style Autoseum Café.

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