Tjörn island, Sweden

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Orust island, Sweden

Swedish islands worth visiting in Autumn

Did you know that Sweden, with more than 220,000 islands, is the country with the largest number of islands in the world? Each island is special and unique, so despite the fact that many of the islands are uninhabited, it is difficult for the traveller to choose which ones to visit. If you’re looking for interesting places and are making car travel plans for the fall, a ferry trip to Sweden is exactly what you need to get closer to the attractions.

Öland island, Sweden

Öland island

6 km long bridge leads to Sweden's second largest island, Öland, in the southern part of the country. Öland is a great place to enjoy nature, look at the sea, have a picnic or spend time actively. Take a hiking trip by choosing the length of the hiking trail that suits you, or rent a bicycle on the island and discover the island at your own pace.

The ruins of Borgholm Castle, Eketorp Castle will surely attract all those interested in history.

Although the autumn on the island is not as busy as the summer, cafés and restaurants are open. In addition, it is possible to buy local products from farm shops. One of the highlights of the autumn is the harvest party, which takes place at the end of September. However, if you plan to visit Öland in winter, indulge in a spa holiday or enjoy good food in one of the local restaurants.

Gotland island, Sweden

Gotland island

It takes a while to reach the largest island in the Baltic Sea, but it is all worth it. Here you can stroll through the cobbled streets of Visby’s old town, admire the 3.5 km of city walls, idyllic cottages and roses that bloom in late autumn, and because of their abundance, Gotland has also been called the island of roses. Gotland is also known for its cliffs, the highest of which is the 12 m high "Jungfrun".

Farö island, Sweden


This Baltic Sea island, primarily known as a summer resort, attracts visitors with its charming history, beautiful nature and 10-meter-high coastal cliffs and sandy beaches. The enchanting nature of the island also fascinated the world-famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, who lived and worked on the island of Faro for a long time. Today, the Bergman Center is located on the island, where those interested can get acquainted with the director's work and watch his films.

Brännö island, Sweden


The history of the island, with a population of nearly 800, dates back to Viking times. In the heart of the island you can find houses dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. The small rocky island fascinates visitors with wonderful views, narrow roads, idyllic cottages and rose gardens. Here you can find untouched nature as well as great swimming spots. It is most convenient to explore the island on foot or by bicycle. Those interested in history should definitely visit the local museum, where you can get a more thorough overview of the history of the island. The best time to visit the island is March-October.

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