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Quirky places to stay in Sweden

Sweden in 6 days - Skåne

7 unique places, where you must stay when travelling

Have you ever thought or dreamed of spending the night, for example, on a UFO ship, in an underwater hotel, or maybe in a swarm of wolves? If you like to choose more interesting accommodation than just traditional hotels, you can find many interesting places to stay in Sweden in the recommendations.

Utter Inn in Sweden

Underwater hotel in Mälaren lake

A small red lodge on Lake Mälaren, accessible by boat, is the entrance to the underwater hotel. The hotel is not heated, so this property can be booked from April to October. Don't worry about meals - there is a possibility to cook in the part of the hotel above the water. While staying at this hotel you can enjoy a refreshing swim, sunsets and sleep in a room with panoramic windows at a depth of 3 meters. Don’t be surprised when the fish arrive at the window in the morning to say hello.

Kolarbyn EcoLodge hotel in Sweden

Kolarbyn ecological hut

Nowadays, when the availability of electricity and water is something we are used to, staying in the Kolarbyn ecological hut can be an interesting experience that enriches everyday life. The forest huts are located in the Skinnskatteberg Forest, which can also be reached by public transport. In each hut you can light a fire and sleep on a sheepskin, and there is a possibility to cook on an open fire. In the morning you will wake up not the phone, but the birdsongs. You can also go swimming, hiking and fishing in the area.

Tree hotel in Sweden

Tree hotel

Do you remember those moments from childhood when you were climbing trees and building huts? A hotel in a tree would be like a trip back to childhood. Located in northern Sweden, this hotel has 7 different rooms set in trees 4 to 6 meters above the ground. Here you can stay, for example, on a UFO ship, in a bird's nest or in a cube of mirrored walls. You will be able to enjoy not only a good sleep, but also wonderful views of nature, admire sunrises and sunsets.

Falknästet hotel in Sweden

Falcon’s Nest (Falknästet)

Located in the Kullen lighthouse on the Kullaberg Peninsula in southern Sweden, the Falcon’s Nest is suitable for privacy-conscious visitors. This is a one-room hotel with a chain-linked bed. A buffet breakfast can be enjoyed in the village of Mölle, next to the lighthouse. The panoramic windows of the hotel room offer wonderful sunset views.

Wolf Hotel in Sweden

A night surrounded by wolves

If you want to experience something really special, you can choose to spend the night surrounded by wolves. The year-round Järvzoo Zoo in Gävleborg County is home to the Wolf Hotel. From its panoramic windows you can watch the wolves and their whole daily life, and there will be only a glass wall between you and the gang of wolves. Hotel guests also have free access to the zoo.

Sala Silver Mine hotel in Sweden

Silver mine in the town of Sala

Night 155 m underground? Are you sure you want to try this? In the north-west of Sweden, in a former silver mine in the town of Sala, there is an underground hotel with a room at a depth of 155 m underground. The property is serviced by a lift and the room can be reached in 4 minutes. Due to the low temperature, it is recommended to dress warmly in the hotel. The heat in the hotel room rises to about +20 ◦C.

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