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Explore Klaipeda on foot

Old Town Klaipeda

Discovering Klaipeda's Hidden Gems by Foot: Walking Tour of Local Attractions

Klaipeda’s shore is in the horizon and it’s time to get equipped with all you need to know for an unforgettable walking tour of Klaipeda.

Klaipeda is a coastal city in Lithuania. As the country's third-largest city, Klaipeda serves as an important economic and cultural hub, with a rich history as a seaport dating back centuries. Today, Klaipeda is known for its charming Old Town, long sand beaches, and proximity to stunning natural attractions like the Curonian Spit National Park.

There's something for everyone in Klaipeda. So feel confident about exploring this charming city by foot.

Klaipeda is easily reachable with everyday ferry from Karlshamn.

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Moving around Klaipeda

There are plenty of options for getting around Klaipeda. Walking to the Old Town from the terminal could take up to 40 minutes. So one of the easiest & economical options is to use Bolt app, which operates similarly to Uber and can summon a taxi to your location in just a few minutes. Alternatively, you try same app to rent a Bolt scooter for an adventurous way of getting around. Klaipeda's public transportation system is highly developed, buses can take you anywhere in the city or beyond. You can also rent a Citybee for short-term use and drive yourself to your destination. Citybees are highly popular throughout the country. If you are more an old-school person - regular Taxi can usually be found at the terminal.

Curonian spit from boat
Beautiful Neringa
The nature of Curonian Spit

Discover the captivating Curonian Spit on an expertly curated tour

Embark on a daylong adventure to explore the captivating Curonian Spit, a 51-kilometers sand-dune spit between Lithuania and Russia.

Discover the highlights of the national park, from majestic sand dunes to the Russian-Lithuanian border. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscapes and gain insights into the ethnic Curonians and their fishing culture.

Tour is operated by Neringa Tours, with comfortable Wi-Fi enabled minivans. Experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a private tour designed for an unforgettable experience. Find Neringa Tours from our good partner GetYourGuide website.

ghost statue jacht building in klaipeda
Anike Statue Klaipeda
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Old Mill Hotel, Klaipėda, Lithuania

7 must see spots in Klaipeda on a walking tour

  • Old Town: charming streets and historic landmarks with colourful buildings.
  • Tiltų Street: lively street lined with cafes, restaurants & shops.
  • Meridianas Ship: impressive 1949 ship turned museum & restaurant.
  • Swing Bridge: unique technical heritage object operated solely by human power. Can't be found anywhere else in Lithuania.
  • Sculpture Park: unique sculptures and installations by local artists in picturesque park in city centre.
  • Klaipeda Castle: 13th-century castle and museum to learn about the history of Klaipeda and see archaeological finds.
  • Dancing Fountain: a spectacular light and water show at this fountain located in the heart of Klaipeda at Jonas hill.
Anike Statue Klaipeda

Sculpture tour in Klaipeda. 4 must see sculptures in the city.

Klaipeda has unique and iconic sculptures that add to the city's charm. Famous sculptures you can reach by foot include:

  • Magic Mouse, located in the Kurpiu street and said to bring good luck.
  • Black Ghost, a spooky sculpture near Swing Bridge representing the city's past and present.
  • Taravos Anike, a tribute to the poet’s S. Dach love, located in the city center.
  • Fisherman's Wife, a bronze sculpture near the Old Ferry Terminal depicting a woman waving goodbye to her husband as he sets off to sea.

These sculptures add to the unique character of Klaipeda and are a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

Klaipeda City Centre

Tasty experience in Klaipeda

Discover Klaipeda's diverse culinary scene with these must-try local restaurants:

  • Bhouse: locally brewed Svyturys beer and fusion Lithuanian and European cuisine in a cozy setting. With your ferry ticket, enjoy a special offer on beer and snack tastings.
  • Friedricho Pasažas: trendy restaurant serves modern Lithuanian cuisine with seasonal menu changes, along with craft beers and cocktails.
  • Meat Lovers Pub: A meat lover's paradise, offers a variety of grilled meats and burgers with unique toppings and sauces. Rustic decor and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Cremia Gelato: Sample some of Klaipeda's best gelato along with unique and tasty croissants.

Best Beaches in Klaipeda

Klaipeda has several beautiful beaches to enjoy. It may be too long to reach them all by foot, but you already know about transportation alternatives in Klaipeda, right?

  • Smiltynė Beach is one of the most popular, easily accessible by ferry from the city centre. It offers clean sand, calm waters, and stunning views of the Curonian Spit.
  • Melnragė Beach is another great option, located a bit further north. It is a beach with calm waters and soft sand dunes.
  • Giruliai Beach is a popular choice for families, with a playground and several cafes nearby.
Klaipeda University

Thirsty for more adventures in Klaipeda?

Have you ever heard the phrase "the appetite grows with eating"? While exploring the beautiful coastal city of Klaipeda, you may find yourself wanting more experiences and destinations to see which are not reachable by foot. If this is the case, CityBee is here to help. CityBee is a convenient short-term car rental service that operates through an app, so there are no queues, paper contracts, or large deposits involved. With CityBee, you can easily explore the best destinations reachable by car, read more in this guide. So, satisfy your cravings and feel free to discover even more of Klaipeda's hidden gems.

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