Nyhavn in winter, Copenhagen

Winter in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Christmas market - Tivoli

Copenhagen in winter time

In most cities, the winter months are usually a very quiet period. But Copenhagen is not like most cities, and there are a bunch of activities for visitors. In February there is a light festival where you can experience beautiful, lighted buildings and other light shows.

Swing to cheerful tones during the Winter Jazz festival, eat delicious Danish food, and if you're brave enough - jump in the ocean! Copenhagen is a city you can visit no matter the season.

Winter in Tivoli, Copenhagen
Light festival in Copenhagen

Tivoli and lights festival

On February 11th, Tivoli opens the gates of an enchanting winter adventure, which you can enjoy until February 28th. Snowmen, glittering ice crystals and hundreds of beautiful lights get everyone in a good mood. And as always, Tivoli offers a number of exciting activities, including ice rink and many carousels. Take a walk in the beautiful winter wonderland and enjoy the spectacular light installations. The park is also full of great restaurants and stalls.

Copenhagen also hosts the annaul Copenhagen Light Festival in February. The city is filled with beautiful lighting installations with all possible shapes and colors. In total, you can experience between 35 - 40 light installations around the city.

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Cup of hot drink
Danish sandwiches

Hot drinks and Danish food

When the winter months get a little colder, there are plenty of warm places to relax. Try a delicious cocoa from Hotel Chocolat on Strøget. How about a cocoa with mocha, mint, chili, or what about the house's own "Made in Copenhagen" from freshly ground cocoa beans? Of course, you can also find the traditional hot chocolate. Do not forget to get some lovely chocolates as a gift to yourself.

There is one thing you have to eat when in town - the Danish sandwiches! In Nyhavn you will find several places that serve traditional sandwiches, topped with delicious toppings and served in an old-fashioned way. If, however, you want a modern dispute, we can recommend Aamann's Deli at Østerport. There they create a modern twist on the Danish classics! Who would think herring and strawberries are a lucky combination?

Image credit: Columbus Leth

CopenHot, Refshaleøen, Denmark

Sea, sauna and a unique experiences

For a truly unique experience in Copenhagen, take a trip to CopenHot on Refshaleøen. In the "village" of CopenHot you can rent a small sauna or a hot tub onshore! Relax in one of the hot tubs with seawater, or go in one of the saunas and enjoy the breathtaking sea views. If you want something even more unique, you can rent a floating hot tub that will take you on a small cruise. And if you are extra daring, jump into the cold sea!

When you're done steaming, you can visit one of the many restaurants in Refshaleøen. Here you can taste everything from world-class African cuisine, to burgers and Danish pork roasts.

Remember to book a place in advance at CopenHot!

Restaurants in Copenhagen
Cooking class

Restaurants and cooking classes

You've probably heard about several of Copenhagen's Michelin restaurants, but did you know that many of those restaurants have unknown "little siblings" that offer equally good food, but at lower prices? Uformel restaurant, Formel B's little brother, and the vegetarian restaurant VeVe, which is Michelin-starred Kiin Kiin's little sister, are high on the list of unique restaurants to try. We can also recommend Kadeau's little brother, PONY, located on Vesterbro.

You can also join a cooking class that is not only educational, but also fun. A cooking class is a perfect start to an evening out with the group of friends, as a team building activity, or just for the food enthusiast who wants to unwind in a kitchen with professional chefs! You can register for courses both at Hahnemann's Kitchen in Østerbro, and at CPH Cooking Class at Nyhavn.

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Jazz, trumpet
Ice rink at Fredriksberg Runddel, Copenhagen

Jazz festival and skating

Copenhagen has a long history as a jazz city, and in February you can experience Winter Jazz, a nationwide music festival. The festival lasts three weeks and holds around 600 concerts spread across more than 125 venues. You have the opportunity to meet international stars on tour, and experience new, Danish award winning projects and concerts.

Another fun activity to try - skating! You may look like Bambi when you take your first, unsteady steps on the ice, but whether you are good or not, a skating rink is incredibly enjoyable, challenging and not to mention - fun! The ice rink at Fredriksberg Runddel is open until the end of February, weather permitting. Here you can rent skates for about 50 dkk.

Glypoteket museum, Copenhagen

Art museums

If you love modern contemporary art, visit both ARKEN and the Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. At ARKEN you will find international top class art, while Den Frie offers a varied exhibition program with up to 10 different exhibitions each year.

In Louisiana you will find a collection of international modern art of all genres, but with a focus on painting and sculpture.

Kunsthal Charlottenberg is one of the largest museums of contemporary art in Europe. The museum also has an art bookstore and a cozy cafe.

We also must mention the State Museum of Art which shows art and cultural history from different genres and over 700 years. And finally - Glypoteket, where you will find Northern Europe's largest collection of antique art and some modern works by Monet, van Gogh and Gauguin.

Copenhagen - all year round

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