Spring in Copenhagen

spring in copenhagen

Experience Spring in Copenhagen

Welcome to another fantastic season in the world's best city! We thing there is something very special about spring and life that slowly, but surely, fills the streets following the winder.

Did you know that Copenhagen has been voted the world's best city to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet? In addition, Copenhagen has been nicknamed "the Capital of Cool", which we think is a very appropriate description of the capital.

In honor of the city's "Cool" reputation, we've compiled many cool tips for what to do in the capital in the spring months.

Photo Credit Daniel Jensen

Summer in Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Abdellah Ihadian


If there is one thing we cannot get enough of, then there are boat trips! And that is exactly why we need to tell you about this activity that suits you whether you are traveling with your loved ones, your group of friends or your family.

At GOBOAT you can rent your own battery-powered boat that seats up to eight people. Jump aboard and cruise around Copenhagen's cozy canals. You get to see a lot of Copenhagen from the sea, and along the way you can see both spectacular, new buildings and architecture and several historical landmarks.

If you want to make the trip extra special, you can pack a picnic basket, full of good food and drink. "Set anchor" and enjoy lunch in the boat.

If you travel with children, they can play "rattle pirates" along the way. Then the children fish scrap that does not belong in nature, and as a reward they get an ice cream when they land. Mom and Dad can enjoy the peace and quiet and the kids stay active - win, win!

Summer in Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Anders Boggild

Friday Rock

From the beginning of April and every Friday until September, Tivoli invites you to Friday Rock on the lawn. Here it is always a guarantee of a pleasant evening with a wonderful feeling of summer.

Don't be fooled by the word "rock" - 24 different concerts are held in several different genres. Here you have the opportunity to experience both famous, Danish and international artists.

*Photo Credit: Anders Boggild

Spring in Copenhagen, Copenhot - Photo Credit: CopenHot-com

Ready, Set, Jump in the Sea!

Outdoor pools and saunas have long taken Scandinavia by storm and continue to bevery popular.

Take a trip to CopenHot on Refshale Island where you can rent a small sauna or hot tub on land! There is little that beats this experience - the warmth, the delicious seawater and the amazing sea views.

If you want something even more unique, you can rent a floating hot tub that will take you on a small cruise. And if you are extra daring, jump into the cold seawater when you have gathered enough courage. If you are reluctant to jump out in the winter, try now this spring when the water is a few degrees warmer. Remember to book a place in advance at CopenHot!

When you're done steaming, you can visit one of the many eateries on Refshaleøen. Here you can taste everything from world-class African cuisine, to burger with the Danish pork roast.

Spring in Copenhagen, Cherry blossom - Photo Credit: Martin Heiberg

Flowers in BLoom

The most wonderful event of the spring and a must see is the blossoming of the beautiful cherry trees in Copenhagen. The beautiful and magical trees can be found in several places in the capital, including Bispebjerg Cemetery, the Botanical Gardens, Langelinie, or the Superkilen from which the picture is.

At the end of April, Langelinie Park is filled with people from near and far who have come to see the beautiful trees and to participate in the Copenhagen Sakura Festival, which runs from April 27-28.

Photo Credit: Martin Heiberg

Spring in Copenhagen, kayak - Photo Credit: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

City Sighseeing by Kayak

If you want to see Copenhagen in an active, different and peaceful way, you have to go to Kayak Republic to get a kayak rental. Here you can rent both a single kayak or one with space for two people.

Paddle around the canals on your own and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You are provided with a map and a recommended route, but you freely choose where you want to paddle.

When you're done, head to the Kayak Bar for lunch or a drink - the perfect ending to a sporty and content day in the world's best city!

*Photo credit: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

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Nyhavn in winter, Copenhagen

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