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Cuxhaven - Immingham freight shipping


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Hazardous cargo


ISO Container(s)

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Cuxhaven to Immingham

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Sailing time: approx. 20 hours


Monday 18:00
Tuesday 19:00
Wednesday 21:00
Thursday 05:00
Friday 12:00
Saturday 12:00


Tuesday 17:00
Wednesday 15:00
Thursday 17:00
Friday 04:00
Saturday 19:00
Sunday 20:30

This schedule may vary, please see the current schedule via download link.

Cut-off times

Self-drives: 2 hours before departure

Trailers: 2 hours before departure

Hazardous units: 4 hours before departure

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DFDS trucks

Where are your goods coming from and going?

Are you an importer? Exporter? Based in the EU? In the UK? You always need to make sure that you have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) number. You also have to submit customs documents before arriving at the port. Find out what else you need to do with our tailored checklists for EU- and UK-based customers.

Mooring cuxhaven

Mooring Services in Cuxhaven

The port of Cuxhaven welcomes around 1,200 vessels per annum, dominated by RoRo and offshore vessels. With more than 25 years in the business, our DFDS team of four coordinators and more than thirty boatmen are available to carry out a quick and safe mooring and unmooring of all vessels, enabling smooth operations around the clock. We also offer services of escorting shipments to pontoons, mainly for the offshore industry.

Equipment Check in Cuxhaven

Based on a service level agreement (SLA) we check the equipment of our customers like trailers and containers. After discharge, we inspect the units and their critical parts, such as tires or the landing legs of a trailer. This saves our customers a lot of time when arriving at the gate, knowing that everything is ready to continue the journey.


Travel limitation for private passengers

DFDS freight port of Immingham can accept commercial freight drivers with their loads. Due to UKBF port approval, private passengers are not permitted to be carried through Immingham. This means that we can no longer accept leisure fare paying passengers on the freight routes through Immingham. Leisure passengers should refer to our passenger ferries section on the website for details on our passenger services.

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Service charges

MGO BAF Charges

April 2024
8.67 €/Lmn
7.41 £/Lmn

May 2024
8.67 €/Lmn
7.43 £/Lmn

What is MGO BAF?

The Marine Gas Oil Bunker Adjustment Factor compensates for fluctuations in the price of a ship’s fuel.

Read about BAF policy >

What is ETS?

The Emissions Trading System (ETS) aims to create a financial incentive for shipping companies to reduce their GHG Emissions.

Read about ETS >

Freight surcharges

Additional charges apply on our Cuxhaven-Immingham route.

For more information, please consult the link below.

Hazardous and abnormal loads

Pictogram representing GHS hazard divisions 1.1-1.3, explosives

Explosives 1.1-1.4

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard 2.1, flammable gasses

Flammable gases 2

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard Division 3, flammable liquids

Flammable liquids 3

GHS hazard pictogram showing division 4 (flammable solids)

Flammable solids 4

Pictogram representing GHS hazard Division 5.1, oxidizing substances

Oxidizing substances 5.1

Pictogram with a skull symbol representing GHS hazard Division 6.1, toxic substances

Toxic substances 6

Pictogram representing GHS hazard class 8, corrosive substances

Corrosive substances 8

Pictogram with a black lines on a white background, representing GHS hazard class 9, miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

Miscellaneous dangerous substances 9

Abnormal Loads

Acceptance of abnormal loads is assessed on a case by case basis due to axle weight/number of axles.

Guidelines for used machinery

Special guidelines apply for transportation of used machinery. Check the document below for further information.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our support pages for additional information about surcharges, terms & conditions, hazardous goods, DFDS' environmental impact, booking systems and more.

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