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Gothenburg to Brevik

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Sailing time: 7 hours


Thursday 17:00


Thursday 24:00

Cut-off times

Trailer/Wheeled unit: 1 hour before departure

Self-drive: 2 hours before departure

Hazardous units: 6 hours before departure

Lift units: 3 hours before departure

Mobiles: 5 hours before departure

Please note these deadlines are valid for Gate 6 in Gothenburg, which is automatic and requires a card to pass through.

If you need to visit Port Entry/Customer Service Center to retrieve a card, the opening hours for Customer Service Center can be found under terminal information.

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DFDS 11 7871

Passengers on freight vessels

On this route, we offer limited space for passengers, under the following conditions:

  • Children under 14 years not accepted due to safety regulations
  • No pets

In order to make your booking as a passenger please fill out the form below.

All enquiries and filled out booking forms should be sent to

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Service charges

MGO BAF charges

June 2024
8.48 €/Lmn
7.28 £/Lmn

July 2024
8.24 €/Lmn
7 £/Lmn


Services and surcharges

On this route other surcharges may apply, please follow below link to read more about our services and surcharges.

See more surcharges

What is MGO BAF?

The Marine Gas Oil Bunker Adjustment Factor compensates for fluctuations in the price of a ship’s fuel.

Read our BAF policy

What is ETS?

The Emissions Trading System (ETS) aims to create a financial incentive for shipping companies to reduce their GHG Emissions.

Read about ETS

Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) Charges

June 2024

SEK/EUR 11.85 %

NOK/EUR 16.33 %

GBP/EUR 0.00 %

July 2024

SEK/EUR 10.11 %

NOK/EUR 14.64 %

GBP/EUR 0.00 %

Hazardous and abnormal loads

Pictogram representing GHS hazard divisions 1.1-1.3, explosives

Explosives 1.1-1.6

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard 2.1, flammable gasses

Flammable gases 2

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard Division 3, flammable liquids

Flammable liquids 3

GHS hazard pictogram showing division 4 (flammable solids)

Flammable solids 4

Pictogram representing GHS hazard Division 5.1, oxidizing substances

Oxidizing substances 5.1

Pictogram with a skull symbol representing GHS hazard Division 6.1, toxic substances

Toxic substances 6

Pictogram representing GHS hazard class 8, corrosive substances

Corrosive substances 8

Pictogram with a black lines on a white background, representing GHS hazard class 9, miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

Miscellaneous dangerous substances 9

Abnormal loads

  • Trailers longer than 14 metres
  • Truck/trailers longer than 17 metres
  • Units heavier than 40 tonnes
  • Units wider than 2.6 metres

Frequently asked questions

Visit our support pages for additional information about surcharges, terms & conditions, hazardous goods, DFDS' environmental impact, booking systems and more.

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New customer?

Specify your transport needs and we will get back to you with a quote.