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Klaipeda to Karlshamn

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SAILING-TIME: 13-15 hours


Monday 21:00
Tuesday 20:00
Tuesday 21:00
Wednesday 21:00
Thursday 21:00
Friday 21:00
Saturday 21:00
Sunday 20:00
Sunday 21:00


Tuesday 09:00
Wednesday 09:30
Wednesday 09:00
Thursday 09:00
Friday 09:00
Saturday 09:00
Sunday 09:00
Monday 09:30
Monday 09:00


Self-drives: 2 hours prior

Trailers: 2 hours prior

Hazardous units: 3 hours prior

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Port of Klaipeda - 4 ships


Klaipeda terminal


Central Klaipeda Terminal (CKT)

Baltijos av. 40

93270 Klaipeda



24 hours a day, 7 days a week*

*During bank holidays, opening hours might vary.

Self check-in gates.


Karlshamn terminal


DFDS Seaways Karlshamn

Södra Stillerydsvägen

116SE-37431 Karlshamn



Delivery and pick-up of loose trailers:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Handling of containers and general cargo:
Mon-Fri, 07:00-16:00*
Sat-Sun, closed

*Opening hours may vary during bank holidays



MGO BAF charges

0 €/Lmn
0 £/Lmn

0 €/Lmn
0 £/Lmn

What is MGO BAF?

The MGO BAF, or Marine Gas Oil Bunker Adjustment Factor, compensates for fluctuations in the price of a ship's fuel.

If the price rises above a certain level, a surcharge will be applied. If the price drops below a certain level, a reduction in the surcharge will be applied.

Additional surcharges

On our Klaipeda – Karlshamn route, additional charges may apply.


Pictogram representing GHS hazard divisions 1.1-1.3, explosives

Explosives 1.1-1.3

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard 2.1, flammable gasses

Flammable gases 2

Pictogram with a black flame on a red background, representing GHS hazard Division 3, flammable liquids

Flammable liquids 3

GHS hazard pictogram showing division 4 (flammable solids)

Flammable solids 4

Pictogram representing GHS hazard Division 5.1, oxidizing substances

Oxidizing substances 5.1

Pictogram with a skull symbol representing GHS hazard Division 6.1, toxic substances

Toxic substances 6

Pictogram representing GHS hazard class 7, radioactive material

Radioactive 7

Pictogram representing GHS hazard class 8, corrosive substances

Corrosive substances 8

Pictogram with a black lines on a white background, representing GHS hazard class 9, miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

Miscellaneous dangerous substances 9

Read more about the IMDG Code

Abnormal loads

  • Units wider than 2.6 metres
  • Trailers longer than 14 metres
  • Lorries longer than 17 metres

Frequently asked questions

Visit our support pages for additional information about surcharges, terms & conditions, hazardous goods, DFDS' environmental impact, booking systems and more.

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New customer?

Specify your transport needs and we will get back to you with a quote.

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