Do you need to ramp up your customs clearance?

5-step guide to successful customs

Do you need to ramp up your customs clearance?

Step 1

Ephesus Seaways

Deliver Information On Time

Deliver the correct information to the terminal authorities on time, everytime, to ensure you can move your products smoothly over the borders.

Step 2

Trucks on the road

Decide who will manage your customs

Whether it’s you, DFDS or a customs broker, be sure to establish who is responsible for managing your customs.

Step 3

UN RoRo pendik port

Connect with the digital port platforms

Connect with Portbase in the Netherlands and Destin8 in the UK to submit import and export agreements and verify that information is correct in advance.

Step 4


Documentation of your goods

Gather all the correct information about your goods and be sure to have your booking with you at the terminals.

Step 5


Keep up-to-date on changing requirements

Monitor the web pages of relevant authorities and keep in touch with your logistics provider to stay updated on the latest customs requirements.

Take this information with you

These 5 facts and more can be downloaded for your use whenever you need it. Please use it for reference. This guide will help you get started on your customs with confidence.