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Cold storage facilities

Huge cold storage warehouses for perishable food products.

Cold storage warehouses in UK and Europe

At DFDS, we have 11 cold storage facilities that are spread throughout the EU and UK, and over 15,000m2 of temperature-controlled warehouse space, which gives us the capability of handling perishable goods at a large scale. Our cold storage rooms are equipped with the ideal temperature and can accommodate temperature-sensitive products in the short and long term. We are taking cold storage warehousing to the next level by offering flexible and agile operations that match your business needs.

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Flexible cold storage services

A lot is happening in our cold storage facilities. All these perishable products go through different stages before they can continue their supply chain journey. Some of the services DFDS offers are:

  • Export services near the source storage - fresh fruit pickup, precooling and packaging, storage and container fulfilment, blast cooling
  • Export services near the factory or port storage - frozen food pickup, loading, container filling, fast freezing, pallet filling, quality verification
  • Import services – container unpack, cross-docking, storage, customs services, pickup and packaging, quality check inspection, repacking and labelling, truck/container trans-loading
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Innovative cold storage facility infrastructure

We invest continuously in the latest cold storage technologies to offer a wide range of options and maintain the highest quality for our customers. Multi-temperature warehousing, live temperature overviews and a variety of automated solutions provide both flexibility and certainty in the storage of cold products. And, beyond being EC approved, all our cold storage facilities meet the highest quality standards regarding food safety - including B-recognition for repacking of goods.

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Cross-docking warehousing

Our cross-docking facilities are strategically located throughout our expansive trailer network. We have personnel at each facility to unload, regroup and reload both full and part loads with minimal standing time before the outbound transport. The main reasons why DFDS offers cross-docking warehousing are:

  • Offer multiple sites for products to be sorted and delivered to multiple destinations as fast as possible.
  • Integrate multiple smaller product loads into one transport method to save on transportation costs.
  • Break down big loads into smaller loads for easier transportation and delivery.
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