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Chilled packaging for your cold goods

Chilled Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging for your cold goods

Chilled packaging for your cold goods
warehouse packaging

Sustainable packaging for efficient transport

Moving goods from A to B efficiently is contingent upon using capable and reliable packaging. We understand that packaging plays a key role in logistics, therefore we offer customized packaging solutions to fit multiple transport needs. Our comprehensive reusable packaging service delivers simple and sustainable packaging for a wide variety of products. Meanwhile our administration and maintenance system ensure the packaging is always ready when you need it. Covering all sides of the packaging flow, we focus on limiting your transport costs, reduce cleaning expenses and take the hassle out of packaging so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Cold chain packaging

Reusable packaging

At DFDS, we are constantly innovating and investing in the most advanced reusable plastic packaging methods, to provide you the best options for your products. Our wide variety of reusable packaging containers allows us to tailor packaging solutions to your specific transport needs. We offer Dolav bins, E1 and E2 crates, H1 and DFDS pallets, and nestable crates. With millions of units in our service, we always have a solution on-hand to accommodate your products. In addition to assisting with implementation, DFDS streamlines all distribution and administration processes - keeping orders, invoices, and simple pickups - to ensure your goods transport remains smooth.

Zero waste. Zero handling. Zero hassle.

Join our Reusable Packaging Cycle to transport products seamlessly and sustainably across your entire supply chain. We handle the delivery, transport and maintenance of our clean and durable boxes. With our Reusable Packaging Cycle, you can keep your packaging as flexible and sustainable as possible while enhancing the efficiency of your business.

 Contract Packaging DFDS-UK-2018_783

Contract packaging

We are committed to keeping your reusable packaging reusable by providing sanitation and repair services for any unit you have in use. Sanitation and disinfection operations are carried out following IFS and BRC standards at our fully automated cleaning facilities. Food packaging is bacteriologically tested by an independent lab. The cleaning process includes a prewash, a main wash cycle and drying, while throughout this process being carefully checked for damages. Cleaned packaging is foiled and put into in-house, climate-controlled storage, where extra plastic protective covers are also available if needed. Additionally, our contract packaging service accounts for all risks and possible costs, including interest and depreciation.

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Sustainable packaging throughout the UK and across Europe

With both our reusable packaging and contract packaging services, we are fully committed to delivering solutions that help your business decrease its overall carbon footprint. Our entire packaging catalogue is made up of reusable plastic material, meaning no cardboard waste and no pallets to return. On the occasion our packaging units are damaged beyond repair, the broken units are remade into other forms of packaging and returned to our service without requiring any new material. Move your cold goods with confidence with the help of our DFDS cold chain logistics team.

Truck and trailer cross-docking

Cold storage facilities

Our cold storage facilities are optimized to preserve goods for both short and long periods of time. Also, our cross-docking facilities can provide rapid transfers between trailers to ensure your cold goods reach their destination in pristine condition.

Cold chain refrigerated trailer

Refrigerated transport

With modern equipment and experienced drivers, we offer reliable refrigerated transport throughout our expansive European network. From meat and seafood to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, we have the refrigerated transport system to deliver your goods as you expect them.

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Food logistics

When it comes to food logistics, the clock is always ticking on freshness. Our diverse fleet of refrigerated transport options handles meat, seafood, dairy, produce, and other temperature-controlled food products.