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Large fleet

We operate over 900 trucks, trailers and support vehicles allowing us to deliver quality and value to our clients.

The extensive fleet includes extendable flatbed trailers, low loaders, extendable and regular semi low loaders, concrete carriers, escort vehicles, mega and standard flatbed trailers as well as Kuip trailers.

  • Length up to 36 meters
  • Width up to 5.5 meters
  • Height up to 4 meters

FORS certification

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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme drives best practice across the European freight industry in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

ISO certification

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ISO 9001 quality management system demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Modern fleet

Modern fleet

The continual investment in a range of trailers to suit customers' vastly differing requirements means that we have the right equipment to tackle the job.

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Exceptional is normal

Whether that refers to the loads we carry, the equipment we provide, the way in which we operate, or the commitment and expertise of our staff. DFDS Special Cargo has been at the forefront of international flatbed and abnormal load transport, and operates one of the largest specialised fleets available in mainland Europe, the UK, and Ireland.


Local knowledge

Well-educated and well-trained office staff and truck drivers, we employ a network of regional experts. Our aim is to appoint someone to collect and deliver the cargo who is well-versed in the local language, legislation, and regulations.

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We maintain an excellent network of multinational transport connections from our many locations. We have offices in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, and Latvia.

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Industry solutions

Each industry and company has its unique challenges. At DFDS, we have invested in technology, equipment, and facilities to meet the demands of modern, lean supply chains.

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