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N&K Spedition is now a part of DFDS

Pre-existing N&K Spedition customers can still log into the orders booking portal. However, the use of the orders portal requires a login; for new customers, please reach out to your current contact, who will happily help you get one.

Areas of expertise

Cold chain logistics

Cold chain logistics

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport

Food Transport

Food Transport

Expert Personnel

Expert Personnel

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About N&K Spedition

N&K Spedition is a logistics company based In Esbjerg, Denmark that provides transport solutions for all types of cargo and refrigerated goods. Established in 1988 by Per Bonnichsen Jensen, N&K Spedition is known for its industry-leading expertise and infrastructure within temperature-controlled food logistics. In 2017, N&K Spedition merged with the Dutch transport company HSF Logistics to form Europe’s largest supplier of refrigerated and frozen food products.

On September 14th, 2021, DFDS completed the acquisition of the entirety of HSF Logistics Group to form one of the leading cold chain logistics providers in Northern Europe. As of January 1st, 2022, N&K Spedition is officially a part of DFDS.

Locations and Services

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The HSF Logistics Group consists of N&K Spedition, Skive Køletransport and Eurofresh. With the acquisition of the HSF Logistics Group, DFDS has expanded its operations to become the premier cold chain logistics provider in Northern Europe.

IFS certification


IFS Logistics is a respected standard within the food industry that is known for its strict requirements regarding food safety, hygiene, traceability and food defense.

Request specific certifications by emailing office@nkspedition.dk.

View reports from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration at findsmiley.dk.

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The acquisition of HSF Logistics Group is aligned with DFDS’ Win23 strategy of growing solutions to select industries, including the cold chain logistics industry. With a combined fleet of 1,350 trucks and over 8,000 trailers supported by an integrated ferry infrastructure in Europe and Turkey, our combined company will be able to offer our joint customer network and new markets a unique service with efficient road and ferry transportation.