​​​​​​​​​DFDS Seaways Marine Gas Oil bunker adjustment factor (BAF) policy

New rules on 1 January 2015

On 1 January 2015, the EU Sulphur Directive 2012/33/EU will bring about a major reduction in sulphur dioxide emission from ships, and that will heavily impact shipping in northern Europe. The Directive will require ships sailing in the English Channel, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea (the North European emission control area) to use bunker oil with a maximum 0.1% sulphur or apply alternative methods in order to achieve the same effect.

What will be the consequences?

The fuel with 0.1% sulphur content is the marine gas oil (MGO), which is significantly more expensive than heavy fuel oil (HFO) with 1% sulphur, which is currently allowed and commonly used inside the North European ECA. As a result, fuel prices will increase and so will the costs of shipping. It has been estimated that ships trading within this area consume around 13,000,000 tons of HFO per year. Switching this to 0.1% MGO would mean an extra cost of about EUR 3 billion per year. It is entirely up to the shipping industry to cover this extra cost.

Based on the above we have from 1 January 2015 introduced the new DFDS Seaways MGO BAF.

Find more information on the BAF policy here 

August 2017 MGO BAF including spread adjustment: ​

July 2017August 2017
Copenhagen-Oslo€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,890,78August 20170,670,59
Amsterdam-Newcastle €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,890,78August 20170,670,59
Gothenburg-Brevik €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,231,08August 20170,930,82
Gothenburg-Immingham €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,231,08August 20170,930,82
Brevik-Immingham€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,231,08August 20170,930,82
Gothenburg-Ghent €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,151,00August 20170,870,76
Brevik-Ghent €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,151,00August 20170,870,76
Cuxhaven-Immingham€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,940,82August 20170,710,62
Esbjerg-Immingham €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,890,78August 20170,670,59
Rotterdam(Vlaardingen)-Felixstowe €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,330,29August 20170,250,22
Rotterdam(Vlaardingen)- Immingham €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,590,52August 20170,450,39
Rosyth-Zeebrugge €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,701,48August 20171,281,13
Klaipeda - Fredericia €/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,040,91August 20170,780,69
Klaipeda - Karlshamn€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,820,71August 20170,610,54
Klaipeda - Kiel€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20171,631,42August 20171,221,08
Kiel - St.Petersburg€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20172,151,88August 20171,621,43
Paldiski - Kapellskär€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,640,56August 20170,480,42
Paldiski - Hanko€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,400,35August 20170,300,27
Dover - Dunkirk€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,260,23August 20170,200,17
Dover-Calais€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20170,260,23August 20170,200,17
Kiel - Ust-Luga€/Lnm£/LnmJuly 20172,151,88August 20171,621,43

The BAF surcharge for each route is adjusted each month based on the average price of 0,1% MGO and the spread towards 3.5% HFO. See details below for the current period.


Measured period 20​/05-20/0620/06-20/07
The average price of 0,1% MGO, USD USD 423,18USD 415,70
The exchange rate of USD/EUR1,12061,1359
The average price of 0,1% MGO, EUREUR 377,63EUR 365,95
The price variance of 0,1% MGO, EUR -EUR 11,99-EUR 11,68