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Before we provide 4 PL solutions, we earn your trust

As an experienced lead logistics provider (LLP), we know that to take responsibility for your supply chain we need to fully understand the particular demands of your business. By investing time in the relationship, and engaging in ongoing dialogue, DFDS provides fourth-party logistics solutions that bring lasting value.


Our 4PL offering incorporates all of our 3PL services, and on top of this we take full responsibility for network analysis, consultancy, planning and project management – all via a single point of contact. We​ focus on reducing your overheads and maximising efficiency and reliability.

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When change happens, you'll be ready

As a trusted 4PL partner, we set ourselves a commitment to continually improve. As markets fluctuate, it’s a commitment that makes us well-placed to optimise your supply chain so that your business is better prepared for change.

We'll take it from here

Whatever the nature and particul​ar challenges of your operation, you can rely on our insight and expertise. We manage people, process and technology to deliver a smooth-running operation that you can rely on.

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Dedicated control towers

For seamless coordination across divisions, countries and logistics providers, DFDS assigns you a dedicated control tower team. Having a central information hub with an overview of all data is invaluable to be able to address risks and opportunities at an early stage.

Informed decisions

Your control tower offers the flexibility to ‘plug in’ new logistics providers as needed. Data visibility is supported by a detailed set of decision-making rules, allowing us to analyse performance and make decisions in real time. We can then measure and manage each provider, make your supply chain leaner and reduce both operating costs and environmental impact.

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Contact us to find out more about our 4PL expertise and discover how DFDS can make your supply chain more streamlined and cost-effective.

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Third-party logistics

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Warehouse management

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Transport services

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