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Moss terminal

Our Moss Terminal is situated approximately 100km to the east of Oslofjord and it is close to the main motorways. The terminal offers both indoor and outdoor storage and there is a regular rail service connecting Brevik to the majority of Norwegian cities.

​​From Oslofjord to the rest of Europe​

Steel cargo handling

Cargo Handling

The terminal is equipped with lift trucks up to 45 tonnes and 100 tonnes mobile cranes, in addition to a feeder gantry (45 tonnes) for LoLo operations.

DFDS vessel handling

Vessel Handling

There are 3 main berths handing LoLo, RoRo and Conventional vessels.
• LoLo Berth - 180m length x 9m draught
• RoRo/Conventional Berth - 90m length x 26m beam x 7.5m draught
• Conventional Berth - 200m length x 7.9m draught

Warehousing & Storage

The port in total has approximately 15,000m2 warehousing in addition to outside storage.

Terminal capabilities

Cargo handled

  • Break Bulk
  • Forest Cargo
  • Big Bags in different forms
  • Driver Accompanied Cargo
  • Machinery/Agricultural machines
  • Containers
  • Project Cargo
  • Automotive Cargo (cars and truck chassis)
  • Chemicals
  • IMO Handling
  • Class 1
  • Class 7

Terminal services/equipment

  • LoLo Services
  • Reachstacker 45 tonnes
  • 100 tonnes crane/mobile harbour crane
  • Container gantry crane 50 tonnes
  • Container stuffing and devanning
  • Movements of heavy project cargo
  • Re-stowing​ of cargo and securing


  • Refrigerated trailer and container service
  • Container repairs

Warehousing facilities

  • 2000 m2 warehouse

Terminal access

  • Close connection to motorways
  • Deep Sea facilities

Terminal security

  • Camera surveillance, closed gate with manned guard at night

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