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Case study: BMGS

The ability to adapt to company growth

Case study: BMGS
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About BMGS

JSC “BMGS” is one of the leading Latvian construction companies, which specializes in construction of hydrotechnical and civil structures. Throughout the 65 years of successful work and cooperation with both Western and Eastern partners, they are experts in implementing the most arduous, challenging and ambitious projects in hydrotechnical, railway, civil and industrial construction scoped projects.

Client: JSC "BMGS"
Industry: Construction
Headquarters: Riga and Ventspils, Latvia
Product Type: Concrete and reinforced concrete structures
Net Turnover: 60.7M EUR (2019)

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BMGS has significant experience in the construction of industrial buildings, railways and port projects. In 2012, the company was looking for a suitable logistics service provider that could adjust to the company's growth. DFDS has been providing full-cycle logistic services and a door-to-door solution for almost 10 years and counting.


Reliable delivery schedule

Reliable delivery schedule

Clear budget proposal

Clear budget proposal

Possibility to measure CO2 footprint

Possibility to measure CO2 footprint

Delivery from A to Z

Delivery from A to Z

BMGS construction material


BMGS needed a partner offering door-to-door transportation for a large variety of bulky and non-standard cargo sizes; such as large, heavy, reinforced concrete structures, wall elements, slab panels and columns. Their production needed to be transported to BMGS construction sites in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Over the last 3 years, BMGS had doubled it’s turnover in the Swedish market, with a corresponding increase in shipments in this direction. Therefore, it was important that the partnering logistics company had the capacity to adjust to the growing demands of BMGS as well as provide the calculations and data for their CO2 footprint.

The wide range of services, non-standard transportation, and availability are the main reasons why we choose DFDS as our partner. Also, as our company grows, the partner is able to ensure that our products always arrive at their final destination according to the plan.

Rudolfs Bubinduss, Member of the Management Board of BMGS

Construction, steel beams, DFDS workers


DFDS has established services and logistics solutions in the Baltic States. With the many solutions for transporting a wide range of production as well as having the ability to provide both road and sea transport, even including warehousing if required, it was a great fit for BMGS’s needs. Today, BMGS hands over their products to DFDS and we take care of the rest; ensuring a clear schedule, budget and maintaining a high quality standard throughout the whole process. DFDS’ infrastructure can handle the challenge of working with client schedules, which sometimes can demand sending up to ten trucks per day to a single site location. An important addition, is that DFDS is able to provide BMGS with the necessary information they need to calculate their CO2 footprints within deliveries.

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